Contributions to Imagine austin

Contributions to Imagine Austin Goals

Developed by the Austin City Council with input from thousands of residents, the Imagine Austin comprehensive plan is an ongoing vision for the city to achieve a healthy, connected, and sustainable future by 2040. LEED achievements contribute directly to Imagine Austin's Building Block 5: City Facilities and Services. The comprehensive plan paired with the city's goals for zero waste and greenhouse gas reductions allow our facilities to achieve these goals.

Types of Sustainable Certifications

There are multiple standards by which these municipal building can be certified to comply with the City of Austin's plan for a sustainable future.

LEED Buildings are Higher Quality and Earth-Friendly

Our understanding of climate change has significantly influenced the way in which we design buildings. That is why one of Imagine Austin's goals is to develop design standards for public buildings and spaces that promote high-quality community focal points in the areas where they are located. These standards should address LEED certifications, and issues with water and energy efficiency. The City of Austin has made progress in reducing the impact of buildings on the environment by using the LEED checklist as a tool for sustainability.

How Certified Buildings Directly Support Imagine Austin Goals through LEED Credit Compliance:

LEED Credit
Encourage energy efficiency and energy conservation incentives

Increase share of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power to generate electricity
EAc1 - Optimize Energy Performance

EAc6 - Green Power
EAc2 - Has On-Site Renewable Energy
CFS A39: Regulate water quality controls in concert with green infrastructure.
CFS A28: Conserve water and reduce water usage
WEc3 - Water Reuse Reduction
WEc1 - Water Efficient Landscape
CFS P38: Reduce waste generation and CO2 emissions to meet the city's Zero Waste Goals
MRc2 - Construction Waste
MRc4 - Recycled Content
CFS P36&P37: Improve multi-modal public transportation access to public buildings and facilities, and integrate them into active, healthy communities
SSc4.1 - Public transportation access
SSc4.2 - Bicycle storage and changing rooms
CFS P39: Develop public buildings and facilities that create healthy work environments
IEQc6 - Control-ability of systems, Lighting and Thermal Comfort
IEQc8 - Daylight and Views
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